Bike Trail Outreach Gathering Steam

We are exploring the opportunity of developing a “Fresh Expression” of Church outreach to those cyclists who travel up and down the bike trail on Saturdays and Sundays.  Several of our members have gotten excited about the possibilities for reaching new folks with the Gospel.  Stephanie Phillips, Cathy DeRusha, Julie Harrison, and others have begun to connect with that community, passing out water, visiting with them, inviting them to church, etc.  There is also a pastor in the community who has a passion for reaching out to cyclists who is willing to help with this initiative!  We have already had two ladies attend our worship as a result of this ministry!  The goal is that this new ministry would be self-sustaining financially (not draining our church budget, grants are available), and that new people who get involved become volunteers (so that our current members are not taxed more than they already are).  If this ministry is exciting to you, and you’d like to help out, contact Stephanie Phillips  (321-264-2492).


Series:  Ten Keys to the Joyful Life
#9:  “Truth or Consequences”

Exodus 20:16  and  Ephesians 4:25 and 26  (NRSV)

By John Gill

Sometimes our society can lull us into the mistaken notion that the Ten Commandments are not relevant for living in today’s world.  And then you pick up the newspaper and read a story like this:

The story1 was about a man who was murdered because someone broke the Ninth Commandment.  I happened in Lakeland, Florida.  The article began like this:

“A man whose young son told him someone in a red car tried to lure him away from a bus stop spent two days hunting for the vehicle before killing his neighbor – a father of four and the wrong man, authorities said Tuesday. Kenneth Stephenson, 31 died from five gunshot wounds early Saturday after he drove home from work in his red Chevrolet Beretta.” Continue reading


Ten Commandments Series:  Ten Keys to the Joyful Life
#10:  “Being Content with Your Blessings”

Exodus 20:17 (NIV) and  1 Kings 21:1-21 (NLT)

By Rev. John Gill

Perhaps you remember the movie, “Indecent Proposal,” with Robert Redford.  It was the story of a married couple who decided to take a vacation in Las Vegas.  Of course, while they were there, they had to try their hand at gambling.  They lost money, but they won some, too.

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Church News

Even though summer is upon us, lots of things are still happening at your church!  Don’t miss any of it!

Sermon Series Continues
This weekend we will consider the ninth commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.”  The title is “Truth or Consequences” and the texts are Exodus 20:16  and  Ephesians 4:25 and 29.  If you missed a sermon, the manuscript is posted on our website  See you this weekend!

Calling All Leaders in Our Church: Great Training Event, August 25!
Pastor John hopes ALL our leaders will attend a training event “Church of the Future,” put on by our District, Saturday, August 25, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., at Indian River City UMC (complimentary lunch provided for all who register).  There will be three speakers: Dale Locke, pastor of the second fastest growing UMC in the USA (in our District!), Community of Hope.  He will share how his congregation grew from meeting in his garage to now averaging 1,900 in worship attendance.  Corky Calhoun of Georgiana UMC in Merritt Island will share how his church has grown from 60 in worship to now worshiping 759 by becoming a “Generous Church.”  Michel Beck, pastor at Wildwood UMC is a much sought out speaker about how “Fresh Expressions of Church” have revitalized the ministry outreach of his church, taking the Gospel to those outside the walls of the church where people gather.  Please let Pastor John know you plan to attend, so he can let IRC know how many to expect for set up and lunch.  You can respond to this email (be sure to give your name and that you want to register for the training event).

“Disciple” Bible Study to Be Offered, Beginning in August
Beginning in mid-August, Pastor John plans to lead a comprehensive overview of the entire Bible, called “Disciple: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study.”  This is a major commitment for all those who have always wanted to understand the Bible and what it means for our lives.  The course is 34 sessions, and sessions last 2 1/2 hours each (including a video).  There are daily assigned Bible readings, and a workbook.  The course is designed for a group of 15 or more people, so we need at least 15 ready to commit to this before we can know for sure it can be offered.  If you have friends from the community who would like to participate, they are welcome. The cost for the Study Manual is $40.00 (for the entire 34 weeks).  The time/day when it will be offered is yet to be determined.  Contact Pastor John by responding to this email (be sure to give your name, that you are interested in Disciple, and if you would prefer day or evening).

Next Short-term Study “Learning to Study Your Bible”
For those who can’t commit to a 34 week study, Pastor John plans to also offer an 8 week study on “Learning to Study Your Bible.”  This study has not even been released yet, Cokesbury says it is “coming in August.”  That means we don’t know precisely when we can start, maybe in September.  There is a Participant Book that will be less than $10 (exact price will be known later).  Contact Pastor John by responding to this email (be sure to give your name, that you are interested in Learning to Study Your Bible, and if you would prefer day or evening).  We’ll let you know a start date, once we know. ).

Scout House Roof Replacement Well-underway
Many thanks to all those who worked HARD in the heat this past Saturday and Sunday to prepare the roof of our Scout House for the installation of a new metal roof!  We had representatives from our church, our Scout Troop, and even a few folks from the community pitch in!  Special kudos to Tom Chodorowski who is giving leadership; to Riley Myers and some of his friends who carried a lot of the work-load; to the Scouts and Scout leaders/parents who pitched in; and to the ladies that provide food and refreshments. The roof now should not leak.  We will soon schedule another date to install the metal roof.  We will let you know.

Work Day June 23 – Yard Work Around the Taylor Property
As you know, we are planning on renting the Taylor house soon.  Bill Haas and Skip Watson, and many other volunteers, have been working almost full-time to update and prepare the house.  We thank them for ALL their hard work!  The interior is nearing completion, but there still is work to do outside (yard and some roof repairs).  Join us in the morning,Saturday, June 23 (8 a.m. through noon).

Pastor John’s Vacation
Pastor John will take vacation from July 3 – 20.  Guest preachers have been scheduled for the two weekend he will be gone.  Rev. Beth Burton, Associate Pastor of Grace UMC in Merritt Island will preach the weekend of July 7/8.  Rev. Bob Titus, Pastor Emeritus at First UMC Titusville, will preach Saturday, July 14.  Rev. Bob Brown, former pastor at Coronado Community UMC in New Smyrna Beach, will preach July 15.  Please make them feel welcome!

Eagle Scout Court of Honor
There will be a Court of Honor to award the rank of Eagle to Stevie Reaves, this Saturday, June 16, beginning at 2 p.m. in our fellowship hall.  Our congregation is warmly invited to participate and support our Scout troop!

Piano Available Free to a Good Home
A woman from our community, Carol Duffey, called the church wanting to find a good home for a piano in her home.  She offered it to the church, but we already have pianos where we need them on our campus.  She would be happy to donate the piano to anyone who would like it, provided they arrange to have it moved.  She says it is a Kimball-Whitney brand upright in good condition.  Call her at 321-267-8903 if you are interested.

Lorraine on the Mend
Many have been asking about Lorraine Karel who fractured her hip last week.  She is recovering from surgery and is being moved to Vista Manor Nursing and Rehab on Jess Parrish Court (near the hospital).  Thanks to all who have volunteered to help at the church to cover ALL the MANY things Lorraine usually takes care of!

Gary Stoner Now at Sea Pines Rehab in Melbourne
Gary Stoner is now at Sea Pines in Melbourne receiving the therapy he needs.  He is now able to have visitors.  Thanks for your continued prayers for his recovery.

New Directories are Here!
The new photo directories have arrived, and will be available for pick-up at worship this weekend, or through the church office next week.  If you had your photo taken, you have a complimentary copy waiting for you.  If you pre-ordered a copy, your copy is ready for purchase ($5).  There will be a list for you to initial so we know who got theirs.  As we announced before the order was placed, no copies, other than those preordered, are available for sale.  Extra copies are intended to be given to new members as they join.

Office Closed Thursday (and Friday) This Week
Our Administrative Assistant, Kim Allen, is taking a vacation day, and Pastor John is taking a make-up day-off tomorrow, Thursday.  Of course, the office always closed on Friday.  Typically, Lorraine would be here those days, but of course she is not able to at this time.


Sermon #8

Series:  Ten Keys to the Joyful Life

#8:  “To Give or Take”

Exodus 20:15  and  Luke 19:1-10 (NIV)

By John Gill

Today we come to the eighth commandment.  For thousands of years, rabbis and scribes, priests and philosophers have waxed eloquent as they have attempted to capture the essence of this divine utterance – this eighth commandment of God.  But none has come closer to unlocking the deep profundity of this commandment than the greatest literary genius, social commentator, philosopher and theologian of the 20th century:  Dr. Seuss.

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Sermon #7

Series: “10 Keys to Joyful Living”
#7: The Tie that Binds
Exodus 20:14 and Malachi 2:13-16 (GNT)

By Rev. John Gill

He was already married, and so was she. And yet, there was something about her – when he first laid eyes on her, he just knew he had to have her. And why not? His marriage was just an empty shell, a mere formality. He didn’t really love his wife. He had only married her because of her family-ties – he wanted her dad’s position, and figured it was smart to marry into the family. But, he didn’t love her.
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Dear Mims UMC family,

Lots of important updates!

Our summer worship schedule begins this Sunday (for June, July, and August).  Saturday 7:00; Sunday (one service) 10:00 a.m.  Sunday School will begin at 8:45 a.m.  Write yourself a note to remember the summer times.

We are continuing our sermon series on The Ten Commandments.  This weekend, we will consider the seventh commandment:  “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.”  The Title of the message is “The Tie that Binds,” and the scriptures will be Exodus 20:14  and  Malachi 2:13-16.

Jeannine Riddle, wife of Jack Riddle and sister of Nancy Wood, passed away after a long illness.  The funeral will be this Tuesday, June 5 (10:00 a.m.) at North Brevard Funeral Home, with visitation at the Funeral Home the night before, Monday evening from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  While Jack is Methodist, Jeannine was Catholic.  The priest at St. Teresa’s Roman Catholic Church will lead the service.  Following the service all are invited back to our church for a reception/luncheon.

As you may know, the hurricane damaged the Scout House roof.  Our Trustees are calling on all our members to come out on Saturday and Sunday, June 9 and 10, as we re-roof the building.  There are lots of jobs to be done (not just on the roof), including providing lunch and snacks.  We expect some of the Scouts and their Leaders to also be helping.  Work begins on Saturday at 8:00 a.m. and Sunday at 9:00 a.m.  (Saturday evening worship is an option for you so you don’t miss church.)  We thank Tom Chodorowski and the Trustees for their leadership in this.  Contact Tom for more information.

All leaders of our church are to reserve Saturday, August 21st for a Leadership Training Event put on by our District.  The event will be held at Indian River City UMC from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., (lunch provided).  There will be three training options:  Ways to Work Together to Expand the Kingdom (Led by Dale Locke who started his church in his garage which has grown to have 1,900 in weekly worship attendance);  Developing a Generous Church (Led by Corky Calhoun whose church has grown from 60 to 759 in worship attendance, and gives extravagantly to missions); and Beginning a Fresh Expression of Church in Your Community (Led by Michael Beck who is expanding the reach of his congregation far beyond the walls of his church, doing “church” where people congregate).  We hope ALL our leaders (and anyone else interested) will attend this exciting training opportunity!  Let Pastor John know you will be attending.

From Wednesday, June 6 through Saturday, June 9, Pastor John and Julie Harrison (our church’s Lay Delegate) will attend the meeting of the Annual Conference, this year held at Florida Southern College in Lakeland.  Please be in prayer for the work of the Conference.

For years our church has provided food for our community through our food pantry.  In the past there was one individual that served as the coordinator for this ministry.  That person is no longer with us, unfortunately.  In the past year or so, several very faithful volunteers have worked to carry out certain aspects of the ministry (purchasing, loading bags, distribution) however there is really no one person “in charge” to coordinate and lead this ministry.  If we are going to continue this ministry, we need someone to step forward so it can thrive again.  Contact Pastor John (321-794-0010) if you feel led to do this.

Did you know we have a team of folks who serve as our “Sunshine Gang” who stay in touch with folks in our congregation, sharing our love and concern.  Lorraine Karel coordinates this ministry. We could use a few more hospitality folks.  If you’d like to volunteer, or for more information, call Lorraine in the office.

We are no longer collecting pill bottles.  Thanks for your support in the past.

Lorraine, who keeps our prayer list up to date, requests that if you have a prayer concern to please write it legibly on the back of the Connect Card in the church bulletin and place it in the offering.  It is hard for the pastor and Lorraine to hear and take down the correct names when shared in worship.  Thanks for your help!

Our study of Revelation resumes this Monday (10 a.m. or 6:30 p.m.).  Join us!

See you in worship!

Pastor John

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