Church News

Even though we are transitioning this month into our summer routine, there is still a lot going on at your church.  I hope you will make worship and participation in everything our church offers you and your family a priority during these summer months.  Here are some things you will want to know about:
Sermon Series:  We are continuing our sermon series on The Ten Commandments: Ten Keys to the Joyful Life.  This weekend we will consider the fourth commandment:  God’s requirement that we take a Sabbath rest each week. Read Exodus 20:8-11 and Exodus 16:4-5,11-30.  Join us Saturday or Sunday.
Sermon Manuscripts and Bulletins Now on Our Website:  We want to thank Cathy DeRusha for her service in keeping our web and social media presence up and running.  She has passed the baton over to Joanne Englebeck who now is maintaining our church website.  We are trying to upgrade the information on our website (  Now when you go to our website you can access the manuscript of my sermons for reading, downloading, or printing.  Click on the Sermons/Text link at the top of the homepage.  The sermon titles in blue text can be clicked on to bring up that sermon.  Also, the bulletins each week will be available so you can access the announcements and prayer list.  These Mailchimp emails will also be available on the website. Please help us pass the word that these are now available on the website.
Summer Worship Schedule:  Since our winter friends have returned to the North and so many of our members are on the road during the Summer, we will shift to one Sunday morning combined service again this Summer.  Beginning the first Sunday of June (June 3rd), we will hold worship at 10 a.m. with Sunday School beginning at 8:45 a.m.  The Saturday service will continue as usual.  Please make every effort to be in worship during these quieter Summer months.
Beginning Monday, May 7th, Pastor John will begin teaching an eight week study of The Book of Revelation.  Two sessions are offered: 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.  (We will skip Memorial Day, May 28th.)  There is no book to purchase.  All are welcome as we acquaint ourselves with this intriguing book of the Bible.
Ordering Extra Copies:  Our new photo directory is about to go to press, but before it does, we want to give you a chance to order extra copies.  IF YOU SAT FOR A PHOTO, YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE ONE COPY OF THE DIRECTORY AT NO CHARGE.  However, if you did NOT sit for a photo and would like a copy of the directory, they can be pre-ordered for $5 per copy (you may pay for your pre-ordered copy after they arrive).  It may also be that those who will receive one copy automatically may wish to order an extra copy or two.  NO DIRCTORIES WILL BE FOR SALE AFTER THEY COME IN, SO PRE-ORDER YOURS TODAY!  A clip board will be sent around the congregation at our services this weekend for you to place your order.
Mims UMC’s Turn this Saturday:  The churches of Titusville join forces to put on a “community breakfast” every Saturday at First UMC Titusville for anyone who is hungry.  Our congregation provides the volunteers one Saturday every quarter.  This Saturday, May 5th is our turn.  We need folks to come to First UMC at 6:30 a.m. this Saturday.  Julie Harrison is our coordinator for this.  If you have questions or to let her know you are planning to help, call 321-704-9499.
Our Church Providing Breakfast for Mims Elementary Teachers/Staff, May 7th:  May 7-11 is “Teacher Appreciation Week,” and so our congregation is providing a continental breakfast for the 90 or so teachers, administrators, and staff at our neighborhood school on Monday, May 7th.  Erika Watson is coordinating this, and so if you would like to help our church reach out in this way, please let her know.  Mims UMC and Mims Elementary are partnering together in a number of ways for the betterment of our community and children.  They give their support in coordinating with our Good News Club; our church campus is listed on their emergency plan should they need to evacuate the school buildings for some reason; and Pastor John serves on the School Advisory Council of the School.  We thank Erika and her crew for helping us show how much we appreciate all that our educators do!
A Fresh Expression of Church, Right on Our Doorstep:  Several of us have been praying about the possibility of launching a ministry to reach out with the Good News to all those who use the bike path that runs adjacent to our property.  It seems that God is moving in this, as Pastor John has just been approached by a pastor in our community who also shares this vision, and may be a great resource to help us design just such a ministry!  If this idea seems exciting to you, please let Pastor John know.  If we can get enough people sharing the same vision, God will bless it!  Respond to this email or give Pastor John a call at 321-794-0010.
Crossover Ceremony for our Cub Scouts – and We Are Invited!  Our Cub Pack is inviting the members of our church to attend the “Crossover Ceremony” where Scout advance from one level to the next.  We are also invited to the dinner that follows.  This was erroneously announced by our office to be on May 5th, but it actually is on May 12th.  Festivities begin at 4 p.m. in our Fellowship Hall.  Please contact Michele Worthington (321-362-3073) with questions or to let them know you will be attending so they have enough food.
J.W. Marr:  We want to update you on the results of your prayers for little J.W. Marr, the new son of Billy Marr and grandson of Beau and Darla Marr.  You may recall he was born prematurely and had a condition that caused him to have to be taken to Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando.  The wonderful news is that they performed a procedure on him and he is greatly improved.  As of this writing, he is still at Nemours, but is much better.  We hope and pray he can be home soon.  Keep praying!