Bike Trail Outreach Gathering Steam

We are exploring the opportunity of developing a “Fresh Expression” of Church outreach to those cyclists who travel up and down the bike trail on Saturdays and Sundays.  Several of our members have gotten excited about the possibilities for reaching new folks with the Gospel.  Stephanie Phillips, Cathy DeRusha, Julie Harrison, and others have begun to connect with that community, passing out water, visiting with them, inviting them to church, etc.  There is also a pastor in the community who has a passion for reaching out to cyclists who is willing to help with this initiative!  We have already had two ladies attend our worship as a result of this ministry!  The goal is that this new ministry would be self-sustaining financially (not draining our church budget, grants are available), and that new people who get involved become volunteers (so that our current members are not taxed more than they already are).  If this ministry is exciting to you, and you’d like to help out, contact Stephanie Phillips  (321-264-2492).